Reem Alasadi on ecco*eco


"The signature on all Reem’s clothes is artisanship and handcrafted excellence and wearing one of her creation makes you stand out from the crowd. She applies the same magic to salvaged and re-worked clothes as she does to ready to wear and couture pieces. The hallmark of an item by Reem is integrity and originality, she manages to put together the most surprising elements and somehow they always work.  Mixing metaphors is Reem’s signature style, a delicate Victorian slip sewn onto an army jacket, trimmed with antique lace and fur.  Such is the artistry of their construction and that it is often almost impossible to tell if her clothes are antique or original."



pulled from ecco*eco:

"I wrote a news story this week for Eco Fashion World on the upcoming EcoChic Geneva 2010 conference and runway event. I was thrilled to learn that Reem Alasadi will participate in the eco-couture runway show on January 21st.

View Reem's resourceful collections here. (Do not miss 'A Beautiful Agony').

*images courtesy of Reem Alasadi"