Cycling in style

Losa & Stussy teamed up to bring you this glimmering beauty that looks just as good on you as it does mother earth.

I've been noticing for awhile how long time friend of the environment, bicycles, are beginning to creep from utilitarian/sport purposes into the realm of high fashion. My suspicisons were confirmed a few days ago by this post at The article references the reccently released Abici Amante Donna Bicycle by Fendi (which will cost you only $5,900 if you opt out of the fur on your saddlebags) and a host of cycle-inspired lines and initiatives in the fashion world to expose the unlikely rising fashion fad: your bicycle.

I'm not a cycling-expert by even the tiniest amount, but I've also come across a lot of high-end, flashy two-wheelers from streetwear kingpins like this one from Crooks & Castles and this beauty as a result of a collab between Stussy and Losa (both via highsnobiety).

Here are a few more:


Griffin x ChargeLondon x Vans