Updated Volunteer List!

THANK YOU (thank you, thank you!) to all of you that have stepped up and filled needed volunteer positions for the 2010 show! If you haven't already, and are interested in helping out, here's the updated list of positions we still need filled:

Store Committee:

  •  Store Committee Supervisor - This person will head the committee that will find products for the Redress Raleigh store which will be part of the Green Bazaar at Planet Earth Celebration.  This job will include: finding and contacting individuals and local crafters/ designers to donate items that will be sold to support MorLove, as well as oversee inventory management, overall store layout/ organization, and help out at the store on the day of the event.  This is an internship level position that can be filled for class credit.
  •  Store Clerks - will work in the store during the day of the show
  •  Silent Auction Coordinator - will manage the silent auction as part of the store during the day of the show


 Event Planning Committee

  • Ushers - help guests to their seats, keep front of the show organized while waiting to start, will be asked to dress up for the show
  • Designer Assistants & Backstage Direction - assisting designers and models backstage before and during the show, working with Stage Manager to keep organization backstage, get everyone lined up in order and on time, etc.
  • Lighting/ Stage Technicians - need people both with experience setting up stage lighting, or with equipment
  • Afterparty Coordinator - find a venue in a central downtown location to host afterparty, location will depend on proximity to venue once established, more details TBA

Media & Marketing Committee

  • Film Crew - we are looking for serious cinematographers who will document the journey of Redress Raleigh, including the planning process.  This includes coming to meetings and pre-events.  Provide your own equipment.
  • Film Editor/ Producer- this job would be for after the show, to take all footage taken during the show and the planning process to turn Redress Raleigh 2010 into a documentary.  Knowledge of film editing software/ techniques is necessary. Provide your own equipment.  This is an internship level position that can be filled for class credit.
  • Design Assistants/ Printed Materials - help create fliers, programs, tickets, etc.
  • Product Development - help create Redress Raleigh merchandise for pre-events such as buttons, magnets, etc. (3 to 4 volunteers needed)


  • Fundraising Committee Supervisor - this person will lead the committee that will help raise funding for Redress Raleigh, as well as for our charity, MorLove.  This is a very important job, as we cannot have the show without funding.  We will have several fundraising events prior to the show, but we also need to reach out to local businesses and individuals to support this project.  The right person for this job is outgoing, comfortable calling businesses and organizations in our area to let them know about sponsorship opportunities, and will be involved in working on this from the time we meet you till the show is over!  This is an internship level position and can be filled for class credit. 
  • Fundraising Committee Members - this job includes putting together a list of possible sponsors for RR2010, putting together sponsor information packets and other promotional materials, and brainstorming ways to make each of our fundraising events successful.  (6 to 10 volunteers needed

  • Pre-Event Planning Crew - there will be several fundraising events prior to the actual fashion show from November through March.  We need people that can help out at these events in a variety of ways, from helping out with raffles and sales to helping find and coordinate venue

E-mail us at greenfashion@gmail.com with your top 3 choices.