Nau's menswear.

 From Ecouterre: "Nau’s vision of sustainable apparel is one that does not compromise, and it shows in the attention and research the label applies to all its clothing. These products are not just well-sourced and well-designed, but they also have utilitarian simplicity in mind. Nau knows that the more useful a piece of clothing is, the longer you will keep it, and it makes its clothes to fit that philosophy. The down winter jackets, for instance, feature different stitching patterns that are designed to help you retain heat in the most crucial parts of the body—very smart.

If you love a shirt so much that
you’ll wear it for 30 years,
that’s pretty darn sustainable.

Also impressive is Nau’s selection of jeans and pants in eight different cuts and styles, including straight-cut, tapered, and relaxed-fit. You can finish off any look with Nau’s sustainably made bags, belts, and wallets. Bonus: Nau donates 2 percent of your order to a charity of your choice." more