Packaging: xroads Philippine Sea Salts

From The Dieline: "The boxes are hand-woven by local townspeople, made from native nipa palm. Two kinds are used - a lighter untreated palm and a dark smoked palm - each is used for one of two different salt varieties.

Not only is the box itself locally grown and made in the Philippines, but the twine is made from a native banana plant as well. Even the tag is printed on handmade paper made of local cogon grass, abaca and salago fibers. Everything is biodegradable.

The only points against its super-eco-friendly cred are the FDA required plastic bag insert and having to transport the products overseas. Still, it's the closest you'd get to 100% sustainable packaging, short of selling the product locally. The entire product from contents through packaging benefits the economy of the local community in the Philippines, which is a wonderful thing in its own right. more



all images 2009 Yael Miller