Redress 2010: Call for Volunteers

Hello! Planning has started for Redress Raleigh 2010, and we want to hear from everyone who is interested in helping to put on this amazing eco-fashion event! The tentative date for Redress Raleigh will be in April 2010. Below you will find a complete listing of all jobs, positions, and creative opportunities available as part of this year's planning process. Some of these jobs require a large time investment, and so we are offering internship positions this year for those of you interested in earning class credit for getting more involved in the planning process.

We will be collecting replies for volunteer positions over the next 2 weeks via email at this address: Please reply with your top 3 choices of volunteer positions, we will try to give everyone their top choice. Some of the postions will require an interview, so if you are responding about an internship level position, please send your resume along with your reply. After the 2 week collection period has passed, we will start responding to everyone and forming committees.


So, to recap, in your email, please include:
1. your name, email, and phone number
2. your top 3 volunteer position choices
3. your resume if you are interested in an internship level position.


Store Committee:

Categories for items in the store: clothes, accessories, housewares, art, kids stuff

1. Store Committee Supervisor - this person will head the committee that will find products for the "store" as well as all other elements of the store such as fixtures, decorations, money box, etc. This is an internship level position that can be filled for class credit.

2. Store Clerks - will work in the store during the day of the show

3. Inventory Manager - will be in charge of keeping track of all donations put into the store, as well as pricing those items.

4. Silent Auction Coordinator - will manage the silent auction as part of the store during the day of the show

Event Planning Committee

1. Event Planning Supervisor - this person will be in charge of planning ahead of time to make sure everyone knows their place and job on the day of the show so that things run smoothly. This person will be closely involved in the planning process to adapt to changes as details about the date and location of the show become more settled. This is an internship level position that can be filled for class credit.

2. Door Person/ Greeter - needs to be at the door to take tickets and make sure entry is orderly and calm.

3. Ushers - get people to their seats, help guests (10 volunteers needed)

4. Cocktail Hour Coordinator - will be in charge of organizing cocktail hour at the venue before the show

5. Designer/ backstage assistants - assisting designers and models backstage before and during the show (5 to 6 volunteers needed)

6. Stage Manager - already filled

7. Backstage Direction - work with Stage Manager to tell models/ designers where to be, when to line up, etc. (6 volunteers needed)

8. Chair Set-up/ Break-down - before and after event setup for guests

9. Lighting/ Stage Technicians - work with Staging Manager to get lighting and stage set up for show.

10. Salon Coordinator - this person will be in charge of contacting local salons to ask them to donate there talents to our designers for the day of the show.

Entertainment Committee

1. MC - position already filled
2. DJ - already filled

3. Afterparty Coordinator - find a cheap venue for 18 and up in a central downtown location, more details TBA

Media & Marketing Committee (Documenting RR2010)

1. Film Crew - we are looking for serious cinematographers who will document the journey of Redress Raleigh, including the planning process. This includes coming to meetings and pre-events. Provide your own equipment.

2. Film Editor/ Producer - this job would be for after the show, to take all footage taken during the show and the planning process to turn Redress Raleigh 2010 into a documentary. Knowledge of film editing software/ techniques is necessary. Provide your own equipment. This is an internship level position that can be filled for class credit.

Promoting/Advertising RR2010

1. Graphic Designer - position already filled

2. Design Assistants - take Graphic Designers vision/ direction to help create fliers, programs, tickets, etc.

3. Online Presence Manager - position already filled

4. Press Presence/ PR Management - create a presence in the press about Redress Raleigh and about pre-events for Redress - write press releases and get them into local newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc., get news coverage for our events from local TV stations, radio stations, etc. (4 to 5 volunteers needed)

5. Product Development - create Redress Raleigh merchandise for pre-events such as buttons, magnets, etc. (5 to 6 volunteers needed)

Fundraising Committee

1. Fundraising Committee Supervisor - this person will lead the committee that will raise the funding for Redress Raleigh, as well as for our charity, MorLove. This is the most important job listed, as we cannot have the show without funding. We need a person who is very outgoing. You will not only be expected to meet with business owners to solicit funding, but also to help plan and execute fundraising events in the months before the show. This is an internship level position and can be filled for class credit.

2. Fundraising Committee Members - this job includes putting together a list of possible sponsors for RR2010, putting together sponsor information packets and other promotional materials, and coming up with ways to make each of our fundraising events wildly successful. (6 to 10 volunteers needed)

Thank you!
Redress Raleigh Producers:
Mor Aframian, MorLove,
Jamie Powell, Revamp,
Beth Stewart, Triangle Emerging Green Builders,