Save your lunch money, The Congo needs a sewing machine

One local college student is taking a break from the cafeteria today, and says you should do to the same. NCSU Textiles major Will Taylor isn't dieting to lose the freshman 15 or shake a couple pounds for spring break - he's fasting to buy a sewing machine. Sound strange? Some might think so, but Will is one of over 600 fasters contributing to an network called Global Fast, a non-profit organization with a pretty simple idea: Give up one meal each month and donate the money you save to those who need it.

In four areas - water, freedom, opportunity, and relief - Global Fast is hosting teams that raise funds for specific causes. As a textiles student, Will could appreciate one cause in particular - sending a sewing machine to The Democratic Repulic of Congo. As Will puts it, "This support can help families obtain income...It is an attempt to put a small dent in poverty. As a whole, Global Fast has impacted so many lives - I hope more individuals become involved to further eradicate poverty."

This project has the potential to impact 50 lives in a community that deserves some positive change. So let your stomach growl over lunch today - we promise it will forgive you later. 

Support the Sewing Machine Project