PKN Vol. 13

Next week, Thursday, December 6th, Redress Raleigh will be presenting at PechaKucha Night Raleigh Vol. 13 will take place at Architect Bar and Social House,. Doors open at 5:40pm and the show begins at 6:40pm. $2 donation at the door.  Or choose to donate a little more and sit up front on overstuffed comfy chairs. This is last PKN of 2012 and the organization's holiday celebration, so be prepared for a festive time! 

PKN vol.13 Theme: my BIG fat idea
Do you want to change the world? Got a way to do it? Your community is waiting to hear about it!  

PKN Vol.13 Speakers

Catherine J Howard - Visual Artist

Matt Murray - Game Maker

Brenn - Software Engineer/Oddball

Aaron Smith Hawkins - Ph.D Candidate/Part-time Yogi

Beth Stewart - Fashion Obsessed

Kestrel Lemen - Marketing Strategist

Regina Twine - Scared of Heights & Spiders

As with all good PechaKucha Nights there will be plenty of chit-chat within a casual atmosphere and of course liquid refreshments. The Architect's talented Bar Master has many special craft cocktails, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages. 

ideaSPARK will be there with my BIG fat secret project and they will be collecting more secrets to post to