We Had A Blast! What a blast was had.

Rock, Raleigh! Two awesome events down and many more to come; check out these photos from Swap Don't Shop and WKNC 88.1's Double Barrel Benefit / daytime party and market. We enjoyed hanging out with Magnolia Collective, City Fabric, Kings, and the KNC crew. Tir Na Nog's spacious floor accommodated the party beautifully. The food was AWESOME. This is a beer spot with awesome food; the perfect venue for a daytime party of this sort. 

If you are not familiar with Swap Don't Shop, take note that you can take your old clothes to our parties at King's and get awesome new ones. In fact you don't even have to take clothes to drop off; just come and take clothes. Anyone will tell you, competition for the standout, knockout pieces is stiff! Get in early and take as much clothing as you can.

Crowd Shot: Swap Don't Shop @ King's Barcade 


Redress Raleigh @ WKNC 88.1's Double Barrel Benefit: 


Magnolia Collective absolutely rocks. GREAT band: