Recap: Fixer-Upper Workshop

Everyone has at least one item in their closet they've been meaning to fix. You know, the pair of pants that has needed hemming for the past three years, and yet you haven't found the time to get it done? Or that vintage dress which could lose a ruffle or two and be made into a more modern and flattering new garment? 

Ripping a seam here or making a straight stitch there sounds like an easy task, but for those who have never sewn before it can be intimidating and overwhelming. Worry no more young sewing jedis!! Redress Raleigh is here to show you how to: mend your clothes, revamp old items into new, turn scraps into hand-made gifts, plus more!

Redress hosted its first Fixer-Upper workshop this past weekend, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon! The workshop was led by Sarah Ferguson (stage manager) and Lisa Wood (former Redress designer), our awesome education instructors. During the Fixer-Upper workshop the two of them assisted seven individuals - some new to and/or rusty with sewing - who wanted to mend one or two items in their closets. The inviduals brought with them projects ranging from hemming a pair of pants to tailoring a dress to adding straps to a bike wine-basket. Some participants also brought their sewing machines with them to learn how to thread a bobbin, change stitch settings or simply get it looked at.  Here are some great pictures from the Fixer-Upper workshop. 

Redress Raleigh has a few more workshops planned in the upcoming coming months and we'd love for you to join! Stay up to date on upcoming events with our newsletter