How EcoFashion Becomes a Fashion Staple

Have you ever heard of the company Uniqlo? I hadn't, either. I was at the bookstore looking at their fashion selection, and was flipping through a book where all the contributors were fashion bloggers. One of the bloggers said her favorite place to buy cashmere was at Uniqlo, and, of course, reasonably priced cashmere? That's me!

I checked the website, and discovered they have been undertaking a fantastic initiative to develop their company with an all product recycling initiative. Since 2006. How has this company flown under the radar? They have great clothes at reasonable prices, although I have yet to find the cashmere.

As with so many great ideas, this one started as something different. According to their website, Uniqlo intended to recycle the clothing they received from customers for industrial use, but they made the discovery that a lot of the clothing donated was still wearable. So, what to do with the clothing? What any good company would do - donate it to human relief efforts around the globe.

They are expanding their brick and mortar stores, and have recently opened a US flagship store on Broadway in NYC. Feel free to donate what you don't upcycle or consign yourself. In this case, it truly does help to recycle!