Interview with Liz Johnson owner of Revolver Consignment Boutique


When we think about what it means to be sustainable in fashion, there's no better example than what Revolver Consignment Boutique is doing.  With their gently used, highly fashionable finds at great prices you can find everything you need - from basics to evening gowns, hair accessories to shoes - all while being sustainable and shopping local at a great value!  


Q: What inspired you to open your business?
A: I saw a need for a high-end boutique consignment store in our area.  I knew I had girlfriends that had “one-time-wear” garments in their closets, things like special event dresses, and a store like Revolver gives them a way to pass it on... and get something new to them at the same time.


Q: When did you open your business?
A: Six years ago.

Q: Have you always wanted to create this type of business or was there a turning point that changed yoru focus to the creation of this company?
A: I always shopped at thift stores and consignment stores, so this was a natural step - a mix of all the things I was always looking for.  The idea of styles “revolving” is where the name Revolver comes from.  

Q: What are the types of items I would find in your store/ on your website?A: High end designer pieces, unique inexpensive pieces, and basic items - we try to hit all areas of your wardrobe.  Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.  The Revolver website has been up for several months with items from our store. - 


Q: How do you choose the products that are featured in your shop?
A: Appointment only, hand picking consignment items from consignors.

Q: Do you feature any local vendors in your shop?
A: Tons! Good Girls Studio, Llavender, Adam Peele, Lucky Accessories, Erin Brown, Saela Designs, Verabelle, Trende Femme, Woodcrafty, and Cassidy Jane to name a few!

Q: What do you like most about Raleigh?
A: That its still growing.  Raleigh has a friendly, small town feel, but there is a lot going on at the same time.

Q: What are some of your favorite things about being part of Raleigh’s local business community?
A: There are a lot of local businesses interested in working together - we had a fashion show at Tir Na Nog, we work with the wine store downstairs (The Raleigh Wine Shop) - it’s an atmosphere of locals helping locals.  Raleigh is building it’s own identity as a city.

Q: Sustainability - what does it mean to you?
A: Recycling is a big part of it. And living economically. 

Stop by soon to visit owner Liz Johnson (and her dog Rigsby who is often working hard at the store) and see the amazing selection at Revolver!  Or if you aren’t in the neighborhood, you can visit Revolver online at