Eco in Action: Drowning Creek Farm

Organic - Local - Eclectic

"Everything's all natural," said Becky Enzor about her purposefully chosen, grown and harvested crops.  "We don't use chemicals anywhere.  I use only natural products that are organic." Enzor said. 

Shitake Mushrooms growing on Oak Logs

 About two hours south of Raleigh, in Fair Bluff, NC, Drowning Creek Farm - formerly a tobacco plantation belonging to the Enzor family for more than seven generations - is becoming a Southeastern resource for exotic, locally-grown fruits, vegetables and nuts

According to the web site, Drowning Creek Farm offers "Asian pears, English pears, blackberries, Shiitake mushrooms, Watermelon figs, Black Mission figs, persimmons, Butter pecans, Sweet Georgia pecans [and] quince, as well as an assortment of spreads, preserves and chutneys."

North Carolina's agricultural history is important to Enzor. Her production methods reinterpret the tradition - and expand upon it, "moving it forward into something that is brand new to this region," she said.  ( VU sample drowining creek)

"We are in the process of being approved by North Carolina Good Agricultural Practices in the food safety program and the water analysis program," the web site said. "Working with the Natural Resource Conversation Services, we have a developed a conservation plan for the entire farm."

 Uncompromising Quality            

Fig Appetizer: Midtowne Grill, North RaleighWhen it comes to the quality of her produce,  Enzor refuses to settle.  "I want people to know - when I send them something, they get exactly what I say it is. I have a one-hundred percent guarantee.

 "If you're not happy, you just keep it. You don't owe me a dime.

"I haven't had any sent back," she said.

Drowning Creek offers  "Added Value" products - organic, elegant  chutneys and preserves. "Our fig preserves are not just fig preserves. They're fig preserves in vanilla rum sauce. They're fig preserves with lemon and sage. Just different flavors to blend, and [to] enhance the fruit. It's a unique product."

 Always at Hand

Persimmons (Gorgeous)In March, the farm's web site featured a "fabulous combination of our figs," an appetizer created by Chef Scott James of Midtowne Grill in North Raleigh. 

To receive the produce fresh from the farm, customers can preorder by calling (910)649-5510. Fresh ingredients - sent overnight, nationwide - make great gifts.  

Visit  Drowning Creek online to see pictures and download recipes - and to use their new Harvest Tracker, which allows customers to follow the progress of the crops.  

"You can see when they were planted," the web site said, and "when the fruit first appeared on the trees and bushes.

"Best of all, you can see when it’s harvest time."