Cheers, Everyone!

The earth is a sphere. It is round, enclosed: a circle. It is finite: it does not go on forever. It is quite clear that  we only have so much land, air, and water available to us on this planet. Quantifiable, our resources are. We can measure the earth's mass, the atmosphere's reach, and the ocean's depth. Just as we only get one life and one body, so we only get one planet*.  In order to ensure that future human generations are able to prosper and grow, our planet must cared for. We need the planet's air, earth, and water in order to live and love. 

Redress Raleigh exists to support designers of apparel and accessories whom all share in this realization, and who incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their designs. This is all in order to stimulate awareness and economic activity surrounding an idea that is crucial to prosperity of humanity. I am proud to, for the fourth consecutive year, congratulate the Redress Raleigh team, designers, and especially the supporters, for working together so beautifully surrounding this mission. Enjoy the select few photos from our 2012 show, below. 

 *Astronomy enthusiasts, please challenge