Online Marketing for Fashion Designers

How do you represent and market your designs online? Do you use Etsy? An online portfolio? Online presence is as unique to a designer as the design itself. There are plenty of great options for everyone. No one strategy is ultimately right or wrong. It's about finding a plan that works for you- your schedule, your resources, your interests. Here are a few starting points to inspire ideas: 

1) Portfolio Websites: These sites are great because they offer an opportunity to connect with other users as well as offer an attractive and professional looking online portfolio to potential partners and clients. The supreme queen of graphic design portfolio sites is Behance. What is out there for fashion? 

2) The Importance of Great Content: What do your photos and videos look like? Whether it's a blog, website, twitter feed, or photo gallery, don't skimp on quality when it comes to photos and videos of your work. They need to be nothing short of amazing. A photo speaks so so much more than words. With excellent photo and video content, you can have your audience at a glance. 

3) Use Events: Events and online marketing are best friends. Bracelets and everything. Tattoos on the butt. Best buds forever. Posting events, photos from events, reviews from events, and talking to friends from events online generates much attention. Get involved with local events or create your own, and use the opportunity to talk about your brand, online, along with the event. 

4) Social Media is Hanging Out on the Internet: When managing social media for brands, the worst thing to do is constantly plug yourself. Check out this, check out that. Not gonna happen. Instead, work with friends and contacts to get conversations going online. When people reply to you, re-tweet, or comment on your posts, their network will see your name. Case for having a clever, interesting name that packs a punch. 

5) Contribute to Online Groups: If you're trying to get in with an online community / blog / group, the best thing to do is to support them and contribute to them. If it's a blog, comment on the posts, be active, and offer to spread the word about the blog or contribute posts to it. They may let you tag your work a few times in exchange. 

Best of luck to everyone! Any other ideas and feedback are appreciated! Leave a comment below, or contact me on twitter: @BassAsana.