A Brand New Chapter: Evolvemint Fashion Redesigns Website

A Raleigh-based company with a global vision, Evolvemint sells gorgeous silk scarves and clutches that empower women in Bangladesh. Luxurious fabrics and intricate wooden block prints coalesce into items of beauty that highlight each artisan's talents. Investing in Evolvemint through your purchase directly helps women in Bangladesh provide for their families and communities in addition to encouraging founder Sophia to continue her passionate drive to promote positive economic and environmental practices.

Here is what founder Sophia Hyder has to say about the redesign of the website: 

"Beauty. Knowledge. Responsibility. These three tenets represent the foundation for Evolvemint’s mission moving forward. But ten months ago, we weren’t sure how we were different from any other ethical fashion label.  We produce handmade silk scarves and clutches, but so what?


Evolvemint launched in the summer of 2012. Our mission then was to ‘empower women and inspire fresh change’ through beautiful handmade silk scarves.  Last year I spent all my time gauging customer interest and demand in “real time” to ensure I was building a healthy supply chain.

Fast forward to 2013……

I needed to reconnect with my enterprises, to recapture their stories through video and pictures.  Before departing a friend of mine asked me, “How is Evolvemint different than any other fashion label?” I couldn’t respond to her question right then, but it was embedded in my thoughts throughout the trip.

February 12, 2013: My business partner and I had to cancel all our meetings due to a political strike and bombing that occurred near the area in Dhaka where we were going to be.  How can these entrepreneurs move forward when they are barred by government strikes and bombings? Through a sense of helplessness, I wrote a blog to release the mixed emotions filling my head. It was at that moment where I began to realize how we are different. Evolvemint was created to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to build their confidence and to grow in an intelligent and informed manner. We planned to build long term relationships with our partners, which meant we were going to persevere and learn from each other for decades to come.

Our rebranding efforts started in April after coming back from Bangladesh. The inspiration behind our new website was guided by many factors.

Founder Sophia Hyder

Founder Sophia Hyder

Here are my top three inspiring moments:

  1. Listening to the business challenges facing our partners
  2. Observing the perception of Bengali-made products
  3. Talking to people about how they are interested in learning about the origin of their purchases

I want people to appreciate the beauty of our products for what they are first then to have an added appreciation for the story behind the product. Appreciating quality first dignifies craftsmanship.

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears (yes, very real tears) have been put into this effort along the way. We are thrilled to receive feedback and answer any questions you may have about Evolvemint! Beauty has truly been in the making.

A special shout out to the following people:

Their work was integral to this effort." - Sophia Hyder 

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