Lumina's New Solids Collection of Ties

*Sometimes* Patterns are over rated...

We gotta admit that patterns hold a special place in our hearts, especially when those patterns are on ties. That's one of the many reasons we absolutely can't get enough of Lumina's neckwear collection

Earlier this morning we received a great message from Lumina for all those who are not sure how to mix and match patterns:

Lumina: "We recognize that you can't always wear a tie that stands out from the crowd. Sometimes simple is better and that is what we hope to achieve with this collection. It is a tie that can be worn anytime for any occasion.

We named our first three ties after some of our favorite NC counties. The Wake for our home base, The Hanover for one of our home towns, and The Durham for our neighbor to the west.

The best part is, they are all just $48. Go grab one for yourself now..."