Spoonflower to host Spring Cleaning Fabric Swap!

By now some of you may know that the Redress community is a fabulous supporter of anything "swap", vintage, or fabric sale related. This past weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Rocket Betty's Most Awesome Fabric Sale and she was able to sell two-thirds of her vintage, modern and home decorating fabrics at wholesale prices and lower! It was a great time and a delightful way to spend a beautiful Saturday... day-dreaming of all the thing we could make with all the beautiful fabric that surrounded us. 

Our past Swap, Don't Shop! events are a great way to clear out your closet and make room for new to you additions to your wardrobe. Now the same goes for all that fabric you've been holding onto but haven't found the right project to incorporate it. One of our very favorite Durham-based companies, Spoonflower, is hosting a Fabric Swap on Saturday March 9th from 2pm to 4pm

This is how it works:

Bring scraps or notions you wish to unload and put them on the appropriate tables. Once everyone has contributed, you'll take a few minutes to walk around and "shop" -- and then the swap will start. Everyone is free to take the same number of items they put into the swap!

If you have yardage that you'd like to swap but are hesitant to take a chance in the free-for-all, have no fear! Spoonflower will have a separate section for people to bring bigger pieces of fabric so you can negotiate a fair swap with others who have more yardage to trade.

Any fabric or notions that are left after the swap will be donated to the Scrap Exchange in Durham. (**Note: If you haven't visited the Scrap Exchange before we recommend that you clear at least 2-3 hours on your schedule and go with no agenda. It's the most magical wonderland of unexpectedly amazing finds!) 

Please let Spoonflower know what type of fabric or notions you'll be bringing so they have a rough idea what they need for organization and setup. Also, feel free to bring friends -- the more the merrier!

Spoonflower's first Fabric Swap is going to be a great time to mix, mingle, barter, build your stash and your network of local crafters! You can bet you'll end up seeing some our Redress Raleigh designers at the swap searching for fabrics they can use in their upcoming collections!