Feeling Sexy and Sustainably Conscious on Valentines Day (and the rest of the year)

I have been so busy in Bangladesh that I did not even realize that Valentines Day was soon approaching... until I was taking a rickshaw ride in Dhaka and noticed clusters of posters everywhere advertising special dinner deals, jewelry discounts, and day-trips out of Dhaka city. Then I got to thinking, clothing and accessories have been at the forefront of sustainable fashion, but what about eco or sustainable lingerie? I was on the search for types of fabric used, and brands for you to check out for yourself. 

Urban Fox's Lacey Set - ..and its sustainable!

Urban Fox's Lacey Set - ..and its sustainable!

Fabric: To my surprise, there is a lot of variation in fabrics that are used to make eco lingerie. They range from silk, to vintage cotton and lace, bamboo jersey, and organic cotton.  Spandex can also save the planet! The use of fabric with high spandex content makes the garment last longer, so you have many more uses to one piece than just throwing it out.  

Fair Labor Practices: While some brands focus on the eco fabric used, other brands focus on who made the lingerie. So this is something to pay attention to when you view the brand's website.  Labor practices are a critical part of fashion and sustainability.  

Brands: Three brands per luxury / everyday are below to enlighten your mind and peak your curiosity... They are guaranteed to reflect your daring, sexy, playful, and everyday amazing personality! 

Happy Valentines Day - xoxo 

Luxury/Special Occasion Labels:

Hopeless’s collection is "50 shades" reminiscent while using bamboo fabric and lace as a part of her collection. Enough said? Made to order from Australia, this multi functional collection can be worn with other pieces of lingerie or not... That's up to you to decide.  

Charini is an exquisite brand that uses reclaimed fabric, handloom silk and handmade lace made in Sri Lanka. These industries were in decline over the past few decades due to lack of demand.  They have now been revived to support sustainable livelihoods.  You'll find that sustainability is sexy with this brand. 

Brooklyn designer, Clare Bare makes her lingerie from bamboo jersey and vintage fabric. Her designs range everywhere in between fashion and function. They embody a fun and flirty spirit and a youthful edge. Her pieces include soft cup bras, vintage inspired high waisted pieces, garter belts, and bodysuits.  

Everyday Labels:

UK based  Pants to Poverty has been making an impact upon the undergarment world since 2005.  They source their organic cotton from India and have been supporting over 5,000 farmers while making comfortable undies for men and women. 

Who Made Your Pants? is another label that is for the woman who love to wear your everyday-lace undies. Upcycled fabrics are used, and are stitched by women a women collective under fair and ethical conditions in the UK.  

UrbanFoxEco, uses machine-processed bamboo and organic cotton blends in the USA.  Their undies are designed, dyed, and sewn by hand. Available in a variety of colors and styles that will make you feel sexy from the inside-out or the outside-in!