ssd jewelry Wins 2nd Place for Best Booth Display at Buyers Market of American Craft Show

Over the weekend we were talking with Melissa Lowery of ssd jewelry and learned that the brand won 2nd place for Best Booth Display at the Buyers Market of American Craft. The show took place in Philadelphia, PA, February 16 - 18 and features nearly 725 exhibitors a year. The best part of ssd jewelry winning is the fact that they used 90 percent reclaimed and upcycled materials in their booth presentation! Melissa’s awesome designs were featured in Redress Raleigh’s 2012 Eco-fashion show and she is one of the selected designers for this year’s show, happening Saturday, March 23rd. Congratulations ssd!

Here’s what Melissa had to say about her experience:

“This is my second year exhibiting at Buyers Market of American Craft.  For me the decision to do the show was to help my business become full-time and more stable.  It also allows me to travel less and spend more time with my two daughters. Participating in this show has made it possible for me to work full-time from my home studio -- filling orders for galleries and boutiques that carry handmade products by studio's wonderful!  Wholesale can be tricky for most artists and it usually takes several years to develop accounts and relationships with enough galleries to sustain a full-time studio job.

Brian, my husband and business partner, and I decided to really expand our booth display this year.  Brian designed and built the structure of the booth along with many of the display pieces themselves and I decorated and designed the layout of the displays on the tables.  It was truly a joint project.  Brian is really gifted with an eye for merchandising and knows the style that I like which helps us tremendously.  He has done shows long enough to know what we can fit into our van which is super important as well (if it can't fit in our van, it can't go!).  At least 90% of the materials we used for our display are reclaimed, recycled, or upcycled in some way.  

All of the wood was salvaged from an old barn they tore down a few years ago in downtown Wake Forest.  They were getting ready to haul it off to the dump and Brian was literally driving by as they were loading it into a truck to take to the landfill!  We really hit the jackpot with that...the timing was so perfect.  All of the necklace "busts" that I use are made out of reclaimed barn wood that my husband designed.  I also use lots of things that I find at local antique stores and flea markets -- old wooden crates, vintage sewing machine drawers, shadow boxes made out of barn wood, old window frames, vintage wooden shutters, and other unique finds which I use to display my pieces on.  The cheaper and more beat up, the better!  

Giving your artwork a personality with your display is so important.  My work has an organic and rustic feel so I try to accent that with my display.  There were roughly 800 artists exhibiting this year so we are pretty proud of winning an award for the 2nd Best Booth Display!  

ssd jewelry currently has accounts with about 50 galleries and boutiques in 26 states throughout the United States including the US Virgin Islands and our company continues to grow each year.  

If folks want to shop us locally, we will be exhibiting at Artsplosure in downtown Raleigh May 18 & 19 or they can always find us at:”