Collared Greens Organic Dry Goods - A Classic American Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand

As evidenced by our current list of designers and from our past fashion shows, it has been difficult for us to showcase USA-based eco-friendly menswear. You can imagine our excitement when we received a vendor application from Idaho-based Collared Greens

Collared Greens believes that elegance and eco-consciousness can coexist, and has combined these ideals in an effort to redefine American fashion with forward-thinking and timeless style.
— R. Randolph Ashton, Founder

The brand name is a wordplay on the popular Southern dish, but that’s not all. The brand’s polo shirts have the Collared Greens original green twill tape on the inside collar, indicating the shirts were made with sustainable, organic cotton. Collared Greens is transparent about the material, process, and production of their products, which is refreshing to see. Collared Greens also founded the CG24 Conservation project, each year partnering with three conservationists to help promote their efforts and donate to their cause.

The world is changing. Due to rising awareness of the impact that people have on the environment, Collared Greens is effecting positive change through our role as a producer and consumer. Now more than ever we are given the options to make responsible decisions with organic products, alternative energy sources, American made goods and more.
— Collared Greens mission statetment

Collared Greens products capture the essence of American menswear fashion in an elegant yet vibrant way. Great patterns, color combinations, and just the right amount of funk can be found in their collection. Collared Greens is currently sold in 27 states and online. The brand will also have a vendor booth at the Redress Marketplace (Sunday March 24, 10am - 3pm), part of the Eco-Fashion & Textiles Conference.