Fashion & Sustainablity : Weekly Posts by Sophia Hyder

We are excited to announce that Sophia Hyder will be adding her perspective to the conversation regarding sustainable fashion with weekly posts! 


Sophia Hyder is the Founder and CEO of Evolvemint. She was born in the United States, with cultural ties to Bangladesh and India.  She has been passionate about development work since she was 10, when she used to go to work with her Dad in Sri Lanka. She started her professional career working with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as an Intern working on post 9/11 disaster relief assistance. International Development has been her world since 2003. 

In 2010, she had an ephiphany, realizing she hit a plateau in her professional life.  She wanted to find happiness through meaningful work and knew that combining her two favorite passions, international development and fashion would let her do just that. She went back to school to figure out how to create a sustainable business through fashion.  

In 2012, Ms. Hyder graduated with a Master’s in International Development Policy from the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. Her masters thesis focused on the integration of women owned business into the silk industry in Bangladesh. She chose this topic to because she wanted Evolvemint to uphold ethical and sustainable standards throughout the process of creating exquisite, high-quality products. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Foreign Affairs. 

Evolvemint is an ethical fashion label dedicated to empowering women through sustainable economic development practices in Bangladesh. By partnering with enterprises that support gender integration, we are able to promote education throughout the silk value chain, training women in micro/small enterprises on relevant market issues. We are committed to evolving the way consumers think about fashion, advocating for transparency in product development, which will lead to a deeper understanding of the impact purchases can have on gender equality.

Evolvemint produces exquisite handmade silk scarves. We will unveil clothing and bags made from Bengali silk, recycled saris, and eco-friendly fabrics in the future. We are currently testing these fabrics for our collection to ensure our processes are sustainable.  

From Sophia:

The idea for Evolvemint arose when I wanted to figure out a way to merge my two favorite passions: international development and fashion. I wanted to know more about where my clothing was coming from. And being an international development professional, I wanted to create a business model that supported the sustainable growth of micro, small, and medium businesses in developing countries and the United States while having an impact on gender equality issues, and the environment.  

This series is a personal exploration of what it means to be 'sustainable in the fashion industry' as I experiment with these ideas and concepts with Evolvemint.  

Stay tuned for more to come!