How YOU Have a Role in Fashioning Change

I have been thinking a lot about the previous post I had written asking our audience about where they can find sustainable clothing. In fact, it’s all I can think about and I have been asking my friends the same two questions:

1. Do you know where your food comes from - or where to buy fair trade food? 

  • Typical Answer:  Yes, for the most part, I could go to Whole Foods, or the farmers market if I wanted to buy food that I knew was fair trade.

2. Do you know where your clothing comes from - or where to buy sustainable clothing?

  • Typical Answer: Actually, no, not really. That’s an interesting question.

The reaction to these two questions has been insightful and has sparked interesting discussions about why this is the case, and how we can improve access to information about where people can buy sustainable fashion.  In response to this reaction, Mor Aframian (co-founder of Redress Raleigh) and I have been working on a list of places where our audience can find sustainable clothing. We will be posting this shortly.  

Till then, I wanted to share a site that I’ve discovered through some friends called Fashioning Change. It's my first attempt to answering question 2 above. Check it out here:  

Labor rights. Pesticides. Chemicals. Water Use. Textile Manufacturing. Do you think about these topics when you are shopping? This online hub addresses these topics while suggesting stylish eco alternatives to top brand names. You can also purchase the products on the site.

Here’s a heads up about what the site will ask you:
1. What gender do you most frequently shop for?
2. What are your basic sizes (for the US or the UK) + Age group?
3. What is the average price you pay for a dress, handbag, and a pair of shoes?
4. What is your typical style of clothing? (Dresses, work clothes, gym clothes)
5. What celebrity personality is closest to yours?
6. What brand fits your style?
7. Where are you most likely to shop at?
8. Which brand are you most likely to buy?
9. If you made a donation, what cause would you donate to?

After answering these questions, you can browse for clothing based on the following categories: 

  • Style
  • Causes
  • Personality
My thoughts:

I’m also curious to hear your perceptions after viewing this site. Is sustainable fashion more stylish that you had thought? Is sustainable fashion more accessible than you previously thought? Is this the first site you know of where you can find a variety of sustainable options? I have already learned so much! It truly is a step in the right direction. But let's keep this conversation going....  

How awesome is this! This site is fashionable, educational, and easy to navigate.  You have the option to view alternate sustainable options to your favorite brands while learning about where your clothing comes from. I really encourage you to visit and explore Fashioning Change.