Redress Raleigh Takes Eco-fashion to Next Level

By J. Michael Quante featured on AATCC News 

Symbology's Spring / Summer 2013 collection on the runway 

Symbology's Spring / Summer 2013 collection on the runway 

Fashion with a Conscience

Enthusiasm, commitment, awareness, and education were abundant at the 2013 Redress Eco-Fashionand Textiles Conference, March 23 and 24 in Raleigh, N.C., USA. This eco-fashion show’s fifth year was the largest yet, with its fashion show on a 100-foot runway and a brand new conference.

As awareness of our planet’s finite resources grows, so do the opportunities for textile entrepreneurs and designers to contribute new ideas and practical solutions to textile waste problems. Redress’s inaugural textile conference covered a wide breadth of issues—from fast fashion and supply chain to sustainable textile production and use of natural dyes.

This year’s fashion show proved once again that elegance can be sustainable.

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