Melissa Lowery of SSD Jewelry is Featured in NY NOW's Pre-Planner Magazine

SSD Jewelry, Redress 2013 Collection, Photographed by Ryan Sides

SSD Jewelry, Redress 2013 Collection, Photographed by Ryan Sides

Have I mentioned my deep love and admiration for Melissa Lowery and her jewelry brand, SSD Jewelry? Her aesthetics take me to another place at another time where sun-kissed, powerful women rule the land around them. Every time I wear her Patina Copper Cuff or Verdigris Leaf Necklace, I feel as though I have magical powers to speak with animals and paint with the colors of the wind. Now that's some empowering jewelry! 

Most recently, SSD Jewelry won 2nd place for Best Booth Display at Buyers Market of American Craft Show, which she designed with her husband Brian. As SSD Jewelry continues to grow, I envision a brave new world ruled by women adorned in drift wood necklaces, upcycled leather belts, and brightly colored headdresses. This brave new world can soon become our very reality, as SSD Jewelry will be participating in the NY NOW trade show this August (Melissa will be in Booth 8251).

NY NOW "hosts 2,800 exhibiting companies showcasing the very best lines across the home, lifestyle and gift spectrum." Of these 2,800 exhibiting companies, SSD Jewelry was chosen to be featured in NY NOW's pre-planner magazine (**Thanks for the awesome shout out Melissa!**):

If you're planning to be in New York City from August 17 - 20, visit the NY NOW show and find SSD Jewelry to immerse yourself in Melissa's art. If you're unable to make it to the city of sleepless possibilities, visit Melissa's website and purchase your very own modern-day Pocahontas jewelry!