Meet the Designer: Linda Mendible of Natural True Beauty

This is the third in a series of posts focusing on the featured designers in the Fall Fashion Expo, happening Nov 16, 2013 at the Durham Armory. We can’t wait to see their great creations on the runway!

Linda Mendible working in her Natural True Beauty studio

Linda Mendible working in her Natural True Beauty studio

When we first met Natural True Beauty owner and designer Linda Mendible in January 2013, we were extremely impressed with the quality craftsmanship of her handbags, garments and jewelry. Mendible was beaming with excitement during her Spring 2013 designer interview, showing off her spectacular collection of vintage, upholstery, and specialty knit fabrics. We could see her creativity in the works as she was pulling different fabrics together to describe her designs. During our interview with Mendible this summer, the significant growth and refinement in her work made us even more anxious to see her collection on the runway this fall! Below you’ll learn more about Mendible and her work:

Redress: Describe the moment you realized you wanted to design or start your own vintage business?

Mendible: It was after God saved me from an abusive relationship. I decided life was too short not to do what you love. I always wanted to be an artist. I remember having day dreams of being a professional artist and having that as my career. When God finally opened up the doors I said to myself I'm going to be an Artist, I was blessed to venture on this adventure. Now I design.

Redress: How do you hope individuals connect with your products?

Mendible: I wanted to create something from my heart, and truly indulge in the gifts and talents I was blessed with. I also wanted to bring a message of hope and love. I hope that individuals not only connect to my story but connect with the details that are etched in each creation.

Redress: What current event, music, artist, etc. is fueling your creativity and direction of your upcoming collection?

Mendible: Jesus Christ. My family. My Husband is from Venezuela and my family is from the Dominican Republic. I wanted to create something that emphasized our cultural aesthetics but with a modern twist. And now that our baby boy is here, I'm in the zone!

Redress: How do you use sustainable practices as inspiration in your work?

Mendible: I love using unconventional materials such as necklaces, unique finds, upholstery fabrics, donated fabrics and mix it up with a bit of old and new i.e. t-shirts and jeans. I'm still expanding, I hope to fully dive into sustainability in my work. I believe that a good challenge makes you that much better as a designer.

Redress: What can we expect to see on the runway?

Mendible: You can expect to see the influence of my family's background with a modern flare, I've created some unique accessories that can really amp up your look for this fall and winter. All eco-conscious, all Amazing!

Redress: What is your go-to quote when you need to get your head back in the game?

Mendible: It's scripture "I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me!" Phil 4:13

Redress: How do you reward yourself after a long day of work?

Mendible: Coffee and a great movie... I grew up on coffee, my mom would make it for me when I was younger and also now when I'm older. Love that woman! She makes the best cup of Joe!

Redress: What are your thoughts about the current fashion scene in the Triangle / South?

Mendible: I feel as though there's an awakening taking place. Local, Green, Organic it's all part of the community we live in, and what makes the Triangle so exciting. People are actually taking their time to make amazing creations and support such movements as these. I think it's wonderful.

Redress: Which of your personal idols would you like to see in your clothes and why?

Mendible: I really don't have any idols. But I would love to see my designs on fashionable, influential women! That would be amazing!

Redress: Looking at the global fashion industry, what is one aspect you would like to see improved?

Mendible: I would like to see true art. I'd like to see things that I've never seen before and amazing eco-conscious talented artist breaking into mainstream fashion, high fashion, couture,etc.

We’re sending lots of love and good wishes to the new mother! From what we’ve seen so far, we really can’t wait to get our eyes and hands on Linda’s fall / winter handbag and accessories collection. No matter what the occasion is, you’re sure to find a Natural True Beauty handbag or clutch that fits your personality and needs! See it on the runway on Saturday, November 16th, 6pm at The Armory in Durham.

Linda, her husband, and their new baby boy 

Linda, her husband, and their new baby boy