American Made | Martha Stewart

We love Martha Stewart's American Made contest because it's a great way to learn about new designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and everything in between. The contest brings together a collection of fantastic inspirations, and we found ourselves glued to our computer screen for several hours.

"American Made spotlights the maker, supports the local, and celebrates the handmade,” according to “It’s a movement made up of people and communities who have turned their passion for quality craftsmanship and well-designed goods into a way of life." Martha is speaking our language!   

As for the awards, "The American Made Awards honor makers from across the country for innovation and excellence in their field. From reprising a lost art form and impacting a community to pioneering an industry, each maker is honored for their role in pushing the American Made movement forward. Ten winners are chosen by the editors of ‘Martha Stewart Living,’ while the audience votes on six category winners and one grand prize winner."

This means your vote matters... a lot! To help you out, we're sharing the list of makers who got our votes.  

Judah Ross

We simply can't get enough of this incredible woman, Oami Powers, who has become a good friend of ours. We've watched her design grow and evolve over the last three years and have been obsessed with her use of clean, crisp lines. She makes us feel like we can take over the world in her businesses casual attire.

Little Grey Line

Jessica Moore made us all wish we had a little girl -- and if you've met any of us in person, you know that says something! Jessica reconstructs button-down shirts into adorable and fashion-forward dresses for girls. We particularly enjoy her inventive silhouettes which are determined by the button-down shirts themselves, working around the less desired characteristics of the shirts.  


We are convinced this mother & daughter team, Zulay and Stephanie, have magical powers beyond our comprehension. Zulay and Stephanie transform unconventional materials into gorgeous statement jewelry pieces that will go well with anything you have in your closet. Additionally, both of these ladies are balls of sunshine who keeps us motivated and excited about sustainable developments in our industry.

We'll keep adding to this list as we gather more favorites from the hundreds of contestants. We're currently working through the "Food" segment which we think would be easier to judge of we could try all these tasty treats!  

Check out American Made and let us know who is getting your vote this year. Remember, you can vote up to five times daily from now until September 13th -- your vote can make a huge difference for one or more of these phenomenal American Makers!