#ThriftyThursday with Revolver Consignment Boutique

Liz Johnson of Revolver Consignment Boutique will brighten anyone's day and will make sure they look good too! Revolver is one of the best boutiques in town because it offers products ranging from high-end designer goods to everyday basics. Liz and her team work hard to curate a relevant and stylish flow of new products, helping people outfits that look good and make them feel good. The boutiques features clothes, shoes and accessories for both women and men, several collections produced by local designers, and a great selection of vintage clothes. This fall Revolver is featuring an all vintage collection during the Fall Fashion Expo on November 16 -- it will make you drool. 

A few weeks ago I was wondering around the store with no agenda when Liz suggested I try on this dress: 


It was love at first sight, the kind that scared me to death because I didn't want to disappoint it -- and by that I mean I really wanted it to fit. With nothing left to lose, I went into the dressing room... 


 ... and I emerged in the most beautiful dress I've tried on in a very long time! Naturally, I needed to accessories the outfit with rockstar status earring made by Good Girls Studio


Plus these killer, nude heels that go well with any outfit:  


I hope you enjoyed this latest installment of #ThriftyThursday. I'd love to see what you've got in your closet, learn about your latest thrifted finds, and/or share photos from you latest trip to a favorite boutique in town! Submit your pictures and their descriptions to: mor @ redressraleigh . com