Redress Runway Preview, Part 1

With only eleven days until REFTC 2014, we are all feeling the excitement build for the eco-fashion show and marketplace on May 30th! To share this happy time with you, each designer who will be making their mark on the Redress runway is going to be introduced in a four-part exclusive blog preview. Today we are introducing Manjri Lall, Little Grey Line, and Angelika Gale, three talented designers who are bringing their eco-friendly and ethical fashions to Cobblestone Hall in downtown Raleigh at the end of the month. 



Manjri Lall is a textile designer who loves to experiment with color. Originally from India, she is combining traditions from the east with her love of her new country and the broadened horizons that the U.S. gives her. 

The SS14 collection draws inspiration from yoga, an ancient Eastern tradition, and combines it with ballet, a modern movement in the west. The highlight is always to see Manjri Lall's colorful designs on raw silk. On the Redress runway this year the designs will take the form of playful scarves and tops, with rumors of a tutu making an appearance as well. 



After showing a successful collection at the 2013 Redress fashion show, we are so excited to welcome Little Grey Line back to the runway this year! A concept in children's clothing that was inspired by a pile of men's button down shirts, Little Grey Line repurposes these shirts into girls' dresses. The renewed design revives the old shirt and revolutionizes the typical thinking around children's clothing. 

This year, the designs of the repurposed dresses will make reference to the geometric, colorful, and structural characteristics of kites. The SS14 collection is linked together by color and textile pattern, and the dresses will incorporate more than one men's shirt into each design.



Using vintage apparel and home upholstery fabrics, Angelika Gale is bringing a versatile collection of pajama pieces to the Redress Eco-Fashion show this year. The collection can be worn alone in the summer, layered in the winter, and mixed with tailored pieces for added structure giving women more sustainable, comfortable, and multifunctional loungewear options. 

As a cancer survivor, Angelika Gale spent the majority of her chemo treatments in pajamas. Her dream is to create a line of comfortable, chic pajamas that provide a stylish confidence boost to both hospital patients and healthy people everywhere. We are so excited to welcome Angelika Gale and her collection to the Redress runway this year!