Movement: From Yoga to Ballet

An idea born...

It was an inspiration that came from my 7 year-old daughter, when she said, “Mommy I want to be a Ballerina in your next fashion show!" The aftermath of being a flower girl in my very first runway collection featured during the Fall Fashion Expo had my daughter yearning for more.

My life is a story that started in India and is continuing here after being married to a wonderful man!! It started with me and my husband, and then God added two beautiful ballerinas in our lives who inspired the story of my upcoming Spring 2014 Eco-Fashion Show collection:  

Movement: From Yoga to Ballet

The runway show will highlight movement, explaining how the two distinctly different cultures of the mystical East and the modern West are united in their beauty and grace of movement. Art is a bridge that connects humans all around the globe, a unifying force that allows us to feel, express, move and dance. 

As I paint my scarves for the show, incorporating deeply spiritual OMs to modern and radiant Orchids, I feel blessed and honored to say I have finally arrived. My new collection has given me an opportunity to collaborate with talented yoga instructors and amazing dancers from Destiny Dance Institute of Wake Forest. The runway show is choreographed by master dancer Ruth Leney Midkiff. 

Without giving too much away, the runway performance with blend movements from the East and the West to the tone of "Chopin". I would like to thank the master performers without whom my scarves would like embody the movement they represent. My Dancers from Destiny Dance Institute: Kaitlyn, Sandra, Britaney, Bailey, Emily & Lauren. My yoginis, who are professional instructors at Evolve Movement studio: Rachel Wright, Lauren Robinson, Hayley Hedges. Our Yogi, Christopher Grohs from the newly opened studio “Celestine” for healing arts and embodied play , a part of Cirque De Vol Studio in Raleigh.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you at the Redress Spring 2014 Eco-Fashion Show. Get your ticket here