Member Highlight: Appalatch Builds Supply-Chain through Redress Connections

In my time at the College of Textiles I had a chance to learn more about 3D Knitting / Wholegarment Knitting technologies and nearly fainted from excitement and amazement when I visited the Stoll Showroom in New York City. So when I met Grace Gouin and Mariano deGuzman of Appalatch for the first time at REFTC 2013, I was head-over-heels for their concept of wholegarment custom-sized sweaters made with domestically-sourced materials.

I clearly remember seeing the two of them taking advantage of REFTC’s intimate setting and connecting with keynote speakers, suppliers, bloggers, and boutique owners. This dynamic duo was always deep in conversation about their new venture, their shared commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry, and finding ways to source materials domestically.

Mariano deGuzman and Grace Gouin of Appalatch networking during REFTC 2013

Mariano deGuzman and Grace Gouin of Appalatch networking during REFTC 2013

I tell you all of this because today’s interview with Appalatch truly captures the mission and goal of Redress -- connecting individuals and businesses who will collaborate, share information, and take action toward making the fashion and textiles industry more eco-conscious. Before this interview I had no idea that Appalatch connected with Echoview Fibermill at REFTC 2013 -- a connection that secured a home for Appalatch’s equipment as well as the ability to closely work with Echoview to produce new yarns. At REFTC 2014 Appalatch had the rare chance to bring the pieces of their supply-chain together in one room -- Opportunity Threads who manufactures the t-shirts, Tumbling Colors where the t-shirts are dyed, and finally TS Designs where the t-shirts get printed.

Appalatch beautifully represents the doors that Redress is able to open for established and emerging stakeholders within the fashion and textiles industry. Appalatch’s story is the reason Redress keeps bringing people together to talk about the current state of the industry - and what is on the horizon and what actions can be taken to progress the industry as a whole. Like Mariano deGuzman mentions in the interview, Redress sees itself as a facilitator whose mission is to transform a global industry by connecting trustworthy, collaborative stakeholders who are committed to being the change they seek. You can read more about the Redress Membership program and contact us at to learn how joining as a member can help you achieve your goals!

This interview was made possible by Redress Member Carl Tyer who has produced several audio/visual pieces featured Redress and its members. Learn more about Carl Tyer and his work at Sound Images.