Parson's Professor of Sustainable Fashion to Speak at REFTC 2015

Zero Waste. Yes, zero. In the sustainable fashion industry, 'zero waste' refers to not one scrap of fabric left to waste, and Timo Rissanen will be speaking on his advocacy and passion for this issue at the Redress Eco-Fashion and Textiles Conference--May 29th-30th, 2015.

During this informational lecture session, Rissanen will give a detailed and informative overview of the zero waste method being used today in sustainable fashion.  The textiles that are considered sustainable materials consist of but are not limited to the following:  organic wool, organic linen, organic silk, hemp, recycled polyester, wool, plastic, bamboo, and polyamide.  

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The people - like Rissanen - behind the sustainable fashion industry believe in the 'Triple Bottom Line' framework of 'People, Planet, Prosperity'. Furthermore, this industry values environmental and social responsibility and doesn't follow the traditional measure of success = profit. The sustainable, or eco-friendly, fashion movement is focused on benefiting people and the planet. Clothes are a necessity for every human being so imagine what just a few changes in the development process can do for a more sustainable, green planet. 

Considering that Rissanen is Parson's first ever sustainable fashion professor, Program Director of the AAS Fashion Design, and AAS Fashion Marketing programs, the global movement for sustainability in fashion is his passion as well as his job. Timo Rissanen received his PhD from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Sydney where his studies were centered around zero waste fashion design.

The Redress Eco-Fashion & Textiles Conference takes place Friday, May 29th and Saturday, May 30th and Early Bird Registration is now being offered on the Redress website, and there is even a special rate for students. Participation in the conference includes the 2015 Spring Fashion show, three education sessions, and networking opportunities. Emerging designers and local makers who attend the Rissanen educational session have the opportunity to be a part of and truly get involved in a global movement in the fashion industry. Raleigh, being a hub for textile manufacturing, is the perfect location to network for eco-fashion and design. Redress offers designers and companies of the sustainable fashion world connections and opportunities to make the fashion industry more eco-friendly each and everyday.