Dwimmer Delivers Luxury Experiences

Ask five people to describe their dream lifestyle and what luxury means to them, and you can expect five different answers. Understanding this, design entrepreneur Laurel Tincher set out to create Dwimmer—a lifestyle brand producing curated, luxury retail environments, products and events that evoke the feeling of a magical place and time concealed within swirls of people and sensations. Since Dwimmer’s start as an online store featuring 40 hand-selected designers to the upcoming launch of their line of men’s accessories this fall, the team has focused on crafting full-sensory lifestyle encounters that incite passion and ideas.

Dwimmer connects a broad spectrum of artisans, designers and thinkers from around the world. Lifestylists scour the world for exceptional items and unite them to convey an unexpected narrative to the world. They merge magical, memorable experiences with a collection of unique, high quality products to transform a dream lifestyle into reality.

This year the Dwimmer brand expanded to include a lifestyle blog, exclusive product line, styling and design team. They held two successful events featuring gourmet food, theatrical performances, vending and fashion displays. The future of Dwimmer includes opening brick and mortar locations, expanding their product line, producing more events and, as always, delivering unexpected style experiences.

Dwimmer founder Laurel Tincher’s unique synergy of art, nature, technology and the evocative has made her an in-demand tastemaker for ventures in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Australia. After graduating from the University of Southern California’s esteemed School of Cinematic Arts, Laurel pursued an MFA from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and completed the Biomimicry Institute 3.8’s Biomimicry Specialist Certification program. As an already successful entrepreneur heading a gourmet dessert food truck company that was featured on the Food Network and a thriving event production company, Laurel has applied her creative vision to pioneer a new retail platform: Dwimmer. Armed with the idea of merging luxury and fashion with biomimicry and technology, she is driving the evolution of fashion to embody the 21st century lifestyle. 

Nowhere is this more apparent than Dwimmer’s upcoming Fall 2015 line of men’s accessories. Inspired by the burgeoning culture of masculinity that has emerged from new urbanism and technology, the brand’s inaugural offering redefines the idea of classic menswear by applying the unique and magical Dwimmer vision while preserving comfort and affordability. When men get dressed in the morning, it is as if they are preparing for battle. From powdered wigs to signet rings, men’s accessories have historically signified status, cultural background, beliefs and power. Dwimmer’s accessories speak to today’s man; yet continue in the tradition of emblematic masculine fashion. High quality, ethical, comfortable, bold.

The line uses entirely sustainable practices; from materials to manufacturing to packaging. The aesthetic and ethos of Dwimmer captures the feeling of a world where ancient wisdom meets modern technology—a concept that informs their approach to eco-conscious methods. 

Rooted in sustainability and the slow fashion movement, Dwimmer encourages buying fewer, higher quality items that form a personal connection. Fast fashion fosters impulsive, uninformed consumption with no thought toward impact. When choosing each product the team considers aesthetic, materials and process, but also commitment to environmental responsibility. 

In creating the new line, designer Laurel Tincher explored the difference between luxury and value, price and quality. She considered the experience of the product—the touch and feel of the material and how it configures to your skin. And she questioned what gives any object we bond with significance. Whether it’s a story, a place or an event, memory and connection are at the core. As she designs new pieces and curates current product offerings, Laurel is building a narrative that incorporates the principles which evolving organisms in nature follow, because creating a new brand is like dreaming up a wondrous new species.