Pretty Birdie Co Designs Upscale Womenswear Using Hemp Fabrics

Stephanie Teague is a sustainable designer in North Carolina creating elegant and chic clothing for the upscale woman. Her latest collection will debut at REFTC 2015 and it is sure to make a lasting impact on the world of eco-fashion. Her designs are created with hemp fabrics; hemp is known for its low impact and simple manufacturing process, making it an attractive sustainable material. Stephanie elevates sustainable design by creating timeless, chic designs. With her high-end, classic clothing line made using industrial hemp, Stephanie hopes to showcase hemp’s limitless textile use. She wants people to see the true beauty of the eco-friendly fabric and plans to do so wither her latest upscale, spring collection. I can’t wait to see her latest designs at the Redress Spring Fashion show this month

Photo Credit: Sara Lyn Photography

Aleena:  Why are hemp blend fabrics so fabulous? 

Stephanie:  Hemp is fabulous for many reasons. Most importantly it's sustainable qualities and then the fact that it is so beautiful. I also use a few 100% Hemp fabrics such as a 100% Hemp Linen and a sheer 100% Hemp Linen.

Aleena:  What difficulties have you come across working with hemp blends?

Stephanie:  It is one of the more expensive fabrics, and it's not yet being made in America so it has to be imported.

Aleena:  Tell me more about your involvement with the local hemp production movement.

Stephanie:  I was featured in the award winning documentary "Bringing it Home" all about industrial Hemp healthy houses and a greener future for America! I was featured in the Industrial hemp documentary, "Bringing It Home" 

Aleena:  Describe your upcoming collection in 10 words or less.

Stephanie:  Classic upscale modern sustainable clothing for the eco conscious woman 

Aleena:  What do you hope to gain from your participation in REFTC?

Stephanie:  I hope to show how beautiful easy and fantastic Hemp clothing can be and meet like minded folks in the industry.

Aleena: When did you decide to become a fashion designer / jewelry designer / maker?

Stephanie:  About 7 years ago. I had always played around on the sewing machine and remade clothes from the thrift store and through encouragement of friends I decided to go for and commit myself to designing.

Aleena:  What do you enjoy the most about the design process?

Stephanie:  I love how an idea grows as you start the process and how it really is it's own thing and will show you what it's suppose to be.

Aleena:  What do you enjoy the most about the production process?

Stephanie:  I really enjoy sewing, it's therapeutic to me. 

Aleena:  Which of the two do you find to be more challenging? Why?

Stephanie:  Maybe designing because I have so many ideas when I really get inspired, sometimes it can be hard to stay focused.

Aleena:  What was the inspiration for your upcoming collection?

I think classic wearable pieces and "what would I want to wear".

Aleena:  How did you go about selecting the materials for your upcoming collection?

Stephanie:  I used a lot of the Hemp Fabrics I am familiar with and love and brought in some new beautiful ones to mix in.

Aleena:  What do you hope people will take away from your collection?

Stephanie: I hope they want to buy some Hemp clothes from me and also feel inspired to shop consciously in the future.

Aleena:  How do you incorporate sustainable design practices into your process?

Stephanie:  Well I try to use as many fabric scraps for other uses as possible and I hand dye with low impact dyes. And then of course that everything is made locally and will always be... One day planning to source local fabrics and be a complete farm to closet business. 

Aleena:  Who are the designers and makers you look up to?

Stephanie:  Eileen Fisher, Stella McCartney, Coco Chanel and then all the other independent designers out there, who work so hard because they love what they do and have something to say!

Aleena:  What kind of impact do you hope to make within the design world?

Stephanie:  To show the world how beautiful Hemp can be

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