With every gift, you are helping support Redress Raleigh’s mission to nurture independent designers and educate people on the impact of their purchasing decisions. The fashion and textiles industry is a massive, complex one and has a significant impact on many people’s lives. With your donation, we are able to keep fighting for positive change within this industry.

How You are Helping Redress Meet Its Goals

Photo by Chris Seward

Photo by Chris Seward

1. Cultivating and accelerating the success of independent designers

  • Donors are significant in helping offset the substantial cost of our annual eco-fashion show. With over 400 attendees at each show, designers highlighted in this annual event often receive substantial marketing and after-event press that enables them to grow their customer base and reach new markets.
Photo by Ernesto Sue

Photo by Ernesto Sue

2. Raising awareness of sustainable solutions throughout the fashion and textiles industry

  • Throughout the past few years, Redress has brought together nationally-recognized experts from the fashion and textiles industry to discuss solutions and actions to take the fashion and textiles industry in a more eco and ethically conscious direction. With your financial support, we are able to continue hosting events with notable speakers and teachers.

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3. Mobilizing people to "Give a Damn" through individual action and collective impact

  • As a supporter, you are joining a growing community of fashion lovers who “Give A Damn” about the impact of the fashion and textiles industry on the earth and humanity. The more people involved, the more we can continue to grow our individual action to create collective impact for change.


4. Actively supporting economic development within the domestic fashion and textiles industry 

  • The domestic fashion and textiles industry is a complex, multi-faceted entity. About 60 million - 75 million people are employed in the textile, clothing and footwear sector worldwide (2014). We've created a significant network in our several years of existence, and we will keep expanding and connecting players within this industry with your investment.

Photo by Chris Seward

Photo by Chris Seward

5. Making fashion less intimidating and more engaging 

  • We believe that fashion is for all and that everyone has style. By supporting Redress, you are helping support the idea that fashion can (and should) be inclusive. The more capacity we have the more we can grow and make sure we include anyone interested in textiles and engaging with their inner fashion lover.