We are an inclusive community of fashion lovers that nurtures independent designers and educates people about the impact of their purchasing decisions.

Core Values:

  • Authenticity

  • Being conscious of our impact

  • "Giving a Damn"

  • Creating an inclusive community

Our Goals:

  • Cultivating and accelerating the success of independent designers

  • Raising awareness of sustainable solutions throughout the fashion and textiles industry

  • Mobilizing people to "Give a Damn" through individual action and collective impact

  • Actively supporting economic development within the domestic fashion and textiles industry

  • Making fashion less intimidating and more engaging


Beth Stewart, Strategic Director / President

Beth Stewart, Strategic Director / President

Carrie Misenheimer, Graphic Designer 

Carrie Misenheimer, Graphic Designer 

Beth Stewart has a passion to catalyze ethical and environmental consciousness within the fashion and textiles industry. Stewart’s varied background has nurtured her knowledge of event planning as well as sustainability in a variety of fields. She received an undergraduate degree in Architecture and a Masters in Textiles from NC State University and has leadership experience in both mainstream retail and non-profits. She has spent the past year and a half honing her entrepreneurial and social media skills as the Strategic Director of Redress Raleigh. She is able to stay grounded by maintaining her volunteer work with Helping Horse Therapeutic Riding Program, horseback riding lessons for children with special needs.


As a proud N.C. native, Carrie Misenheimer was excited to be part of a team that encouraged local innovation with a global attitude. Redress was a perfect fit, and Carrie came on as graphic designer before the first fashion show in 2009.

After studying at N.C. State’s College of Design, Carrie worked briefly with the Boston Children’s Museum and Boston Museum of Science before returning to Raleigh as a freelance designer. She's currently back at N.C. State for a master's in communication. In her off hours, Carrie loves finding new sushi spots and hangin' with her rescue pup, Daisy. 

Nicole Kligerman, Operations Director

Nicole Kligerman, Operations Director

Nicole Kligerman is the Operations Director at Redress Raleigh and loves being a part of an organization striving to grow a fashion community that gives a damn in NC. During work hours, she is the head of product development at Sprout Patterns. She has a background in fashion development and design and a passion for businesses that do good, which has taken her to places like Uganda, Pakistan, and now the Triangle. In her spare time, you can either find Nicole in her home studio creating with her kitten by her side or exploring new places around town and abroad. She loves live music and laughing.