Textile and Apparel Manufacturing in North Carolina - Panel Discussion

Time and location: 10:45am - 12:15pm, Hagersmith

Are you ready to start working with a cut and sew manufacturer to scale production?  Is your business starting to grow, but you are having difficulty figuring out a path to get to seven figures in sales (how to substantially increase sales)?   What resources are available to source material and do every step of the production process in North Carolina?

Hear from Molly Hemstreet who is the founder and general manager of Opportunity Threads- a worker owned cut and sew company, and one of the founders of the Carolina Textile District-which is creating a comprehensive network to help entrepreneurs make their product in North Carolina. Grace Gouin, one of the co-founders of Appalatch, which launched last year and had one of the most successful fashion related kickstarted projects, will discuss how she works with Opportunity Threads as a production partner and what she is doing to build her business. The discussion will be moderated by Nathan Rothstein, co-founder of Project Repat, and 627 Ventures, which is working to help apparel brands go from ‘six figure in sales per year to seven figures.’

Grace, Molly and Nathan will discuss the importance of collaboration and building trust down the supply chain to create businesses that make an environmental, social and economic impact.