Grace Gouin

Grace Gouin is a co-founder of Appalatch Outdoor Apparel Company. Appalatch was started with a mission to change the way that clothing is made, sold, and used in the world today. Appalatch adresses issues of sustainability for both people and planet during every step of the product lifecycle. By blending the ancient acts of fiber farming, state of the art production technology, and only partnering with responsible manufacturers Appalatch works tirelessly to create simple and versatile products so that people can buy less and wear their clothes longer. Based in Asheville NC, Grace draws inspiration from the wilds of the mountains to help her shape the creative direction of Appalatch, and the fierce independent nature of the mountain dwellers to keep motivated during the upstream swim for domestic manufacturing. Appalatch has been featured in New York Magazine, Treehugger, Ecouterre, The Washington Post, The Week, Well Spent, and Monocle Magazine.