Philip Dail


Philip and Sara Dail are owners of Beleza, a fair-trade boutique located in Cameron Village

Philip and Sara Dail are owners of Beleza, a fair-trade boutique located in Cameron Village

Philip Dail, along with his wife Sara, own and operate Beleza, a fair trade boutique in Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC.  He is retired from the College of Textiles at NC State where he served as the Director of Advising and Admissions teaching the introductory course to freshmen as well as polymer chemistry at times.  He started Beleza as a result of one of his textile design students contacting him about helping her market silk scarves from Madagascar where she was stationed in the Peace Corps.  The village where she worked made these literally from cocoons gathered in the wild.  Philip has traveled extensively around the world as well as in the US.  His travels lead to his realization that developing relationships with skilled artisans and providing markets for their products were important to him and to them.  He and Sara married in 2006 and she joined in this effort managing Beleza while Philip was still in the College of Textiles,  They currently work with artists in twenty countries including the USA.  In addition to Beleza, Philip works in international and local service through the nonprofit he co-founded, Together We Can, Inc. through which work in Haiti and Guatemala are two of the key areas involved internationally.  They are also actively involved in numerous community agencies as well as Edenton Street United Methodist Church where they have been members since 2009.

Philid Dail will be moderatin a panel discussion on the topic of "Local Focus on Sustainable Design" on Saturday March 23 from 1:15pm - 2:15pm following a Networking Lunch. This one hour session will provide an overview of current sustainability initiatives in the state of North Carolina. View full schedule

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